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If you go here in August plan on meeting many of your fellow human beings as you all try to find dining space at the same moment. And pray that we never find our way as a society to a place where money is worthless and it is as they say “every man for himself”.

Beth enjoyed all of our time on the island. I enjoyed parts of it and other parts not so much. Flowers are evident on many homes along the sidewalks. They are a welcome relief from the cars that seem to be everywhere. The fried clams I had for lunch were delicious. Eating them on the side of the road was not so good. Driving by Carly Simon’s house was fun. I used to think we would get along very well since we are both crazy in a happy sort of way. It would have been nicer going by her place if there were not so many woods between the bus and her residence. But I’m sure she feels otherwise and I would too if I was staying there. Every time a boat load of tourists came in it was necessary to stop the tourists who were already there. This caused traffic backups. And that was not really too much of a problem except that there were two ancient ladies from New York sitting next to us. Neither one could hear very well and they became agitated over the slightest thing. This required a lot of back and forth between them while our illustrious tour guide tried to talk over them. At one point I thought it might turn ugly but they all settled down. Our tour guide was amazing. At one point she was driving the bus, telling the old ladies to shut up while also watching the surfers on the right and letting us know one had fallen down . Then she started in about the Stanley tool guy who had built a house on the left for his mother without missing a beat.

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