Do They Have Fireworks For Labor Day?

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Well, they ought to!

This weekend is dedicated to all those who work for a living. People who go out there and support themselves are pretty amazing in

my book. And then you have the folks who go out there and support themselves AND someone else. Pretty incredible.

But it doesn’t end there. Because there are a bunch of unbelievable producers who take it upon themselves to go out there and make it happen for themselves AND a group of people known most often as a family. We have got to give it up for them. If this was the Super Bowl (and it should be) they would be almost the last ones out of the locker room.

That honor, however, goes to the toughest warrior of all. I know there are exceptions to every rule. But in general we have to acknowledge with standing applause, fireworks and intense admiration the MOMS of America who stay home and take care of the kids, the home and the other providers. And we must not forget that if the need is there or sometimes just to show us what she is made of this team player and quarterback will go out and work alongside our other producers. Then she will come home and take care of business at home.

And she does this over and over again for years and years. That’s pretty amazing. So there are hard workers in all these categories for sure. Hopefully they will all find time to reflect upon what they do and feel good about it this Labor Day Weekend.

We appreciate you all. We really do.

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One thought on “Do They Have Fireworks For Labor Day?

  1. I love them too. This one was taken at Disney World. Beth and I were sitting in the sand at the Polynesian. It was a lovely night. And I memory I will always have as long as I have memories.
    Maybe I should follow some of your eating recommendations. I might have them (memories) a little bit longer!

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