Labor Day 2007 Ruminations

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I have to be honest about it. When I went to Hollywood Cemetery the other day I thought it would be interesting to take pictures of some of the statues there and put them up here. I took some close ups of faces and got down on the ground for pictures of these tiny little statues of children with wings. But then something strange happened.

I got totally creeped out. I can’t even look at them. They won’t be coming up here anytime soon either. So when someone wrote to me and said he was talking in his sleep about flowers and cemeteries I totally understood. There’s something going on there that’s kind of spooky. And we are not near enough to Halloween to even consider going there again.

This morning I have been looking at the most unbelievable photos.

Many of them are very close up shots of flowers. But then the artist takes this same amazing combination of light and color to the city. She turns our world into an astral world full of amazing forms. It is one of the most optimistic things I have ever seen. You have to look at her photos on Flickr.

Last night I watched a retrospective of Saturday Night Live that was one of the most interesting shows I ‘ve seen on television for a long while. They have done these before but this one was different. They didn’t just show highlights. They did it from the performers perspective. How did this one or that one feel about doing the show when they first came in vs when they had been there for awhile. How did they feel about the writers? What suprised them? It was a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Maybe not all the way behind them. But a lot further than we had been taken before. And most of them said it was the toughest thing they had ever done but they were glad they did it. Jim Belushi said that two divorces was easier than doing the show.
And let’s see what many of them got for trying to entertain. Riches? Check. Fame? Check. Applause? Check. But none of that matters when you are standing up there on live television. I believe it. Billy Crystal describes his knees starting to buckle when something wasn’t going well.

I need to learn how to take photos like those I’ve been salivating over this morning. I know it will be a very slow process to learn such a skill. And expensive too. But there is a chance it can be done.

Unlike this other artistic accomplishment I was studying this morning. There is not a chance in Hades I could ever do this. You can’t do it either. Nobody can except this one guy. It’s truly amazing.



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2 thoughts on “Labor Day 2007 Ruminations

  1. Thanks for the mention of Willard Wigan’s work from my post David. He’s pretty amazing.

    Not sure that I could go to a cemetary myself, I’d be totally creeped out as well. We’re talking about walking amongst the dead and walking above their buried remains. Shudder.

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