Sailing Away

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Last night we gathered on a ship

Our tribe and all our friends,

And sailed for distant galaxies

To find a peaceful land.

The stars received us as we went

Our lives passed through their gaze

We sailed between bright fire and light

Our eyes were all ablaze.

Until we reached a port of sorts

With meadows near a sun

And joyous children running round

Who welcomed us at once.

They ruled this planet with a light

That shone from deep set eyes.

And no one wanted anything

Nor did they fear to die.

For there upon a mountain top

Far as the eye could see

There was one child who filled the world

With joy and mysteries.

And when the children grew too tall

No longer children were

They climbed the mountain to the boy

And left through heaven’s door.

We were entranced and climbed so high

To see his glowing face.

He smiled our way

The mountain sang.

We died in his embrace.

And then I awoke amid the sails

That guide my ship at night

And prayed that I would someday meet

This boy who was the light.

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