Britney’s Song/Love Poems/ He Wishes His Young Girlfriend A Happy Christmas

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The joyous ringing of a bell

Is but a dull, repeating sound

To those who know you oh so well.

And Christmas flowers are but thorns

To all who love

You well adorned

With cheeks that blossom

Scarlet round your crystal eyes

Of snow and clear blue skies.

And I am just the wind that sighs

Beneath your gay replies.

You leave me in your crashing wake

To join the others and partake

Of their admiring words and glances.

You are the holiday queen

Of every Christmas party scene.

But I have visited your heart

And seen the sad and tearful part

That makes me wonder who lives there

Inside the often vacant stare

When all the lights have been turned down

And smiles have somehow turned to frowns.

Two parts there seem to be to this

Presentation of eternal bliss.

So as this season will soon pass

I pray you find some peace at last

And learn to be just who we are

Between the Yule log and a star.

Manic depressive illness is a sad and often tragic affair. I think we have all known people who suffered from it at one time or another. They can be the most attractive people in the world and it is easy to fall in love with them.

That, of course, is not always a wise thing to do. The adventures of Britney Spears come to mind and that is why I named this poem Britney’s Song. And I have nothing bad to say about Britney. She is a beautiful and talented woman who achieved an enormous amount of success very early in life. And now she is having some of the same problems many of us had at an early age. Plus she has an illness. I was married a long time ago to someone who reminds me of Britney very much.

Some people treat her like she was trash. And she is probably angry and upset about it. It adds fuel to the fire. And it is difficult to be humble and ask for help when your pride has been hurt. It is almost impossible when you have lots of money and can show people in your own way that you can look down at them just like they are looking down at you ! Sometimes it is better not to have much and then accepting help is so much easier.

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