A Love Story For Sunday Morning

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Darkness slips away with dawn

As I return to stretch and yawn.

My dream friends just evaporate

Into an endless wistful state.

It makes me sad to see them go

And often I awaken slow.

Hoping someone will arrive

Who drives all moments from my mind.

And causes dreamy skies to fill

With falling stars and love fulfilled.

As mid this I will surely see

Love’s secret epiphany.

How many times will harsh bells chime

And take me from this end of time?

Must I be torn and sent bereft

To wander as a crier adrift

Dreaming of my heart’s desire

Lost under the sun’s bonfire?

Eternal bliss with her I seek

God’s envoy with presence unique.

But now I wake once more she’s gone

And left me warm upon the dawn.

One night I pray she comes for me

My own true lovely destiny.

And once again I’ll be entranced

Beg her to do her heavenly dance.

I’ll touch her lightly not let go

Until she touches my heart Oh!

Yes on this day I’ll not be home.

And you will find me here alone.

Wrapped in sheets upon this bed

A smile embedded on my head.

Then call my family have a fire

Finish off all earthly desire.

Let laughter reign and envy me

Enraptured in love’s mystery.

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