Romantic Love Poems/ Deep End of the Pool

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Bring on the night that caresses the earth

Encourage the stillness and stay far from mirth.

Count all the stars as they move out to sea

And know I will love you for eternity.

How can I hide you from Heaven’s embrace?

Where shall I take you to save you from Grace?

How can I make time forget his designs

And leave us together until he resigns?

With millions of souls marching down to the sea

Why does he needlessly take you from me?

I know you are sick and your pain is great

Leaving you tired of all this debate.

But you must believe it is not time to flee

Or they will arrive for you under our gate

And take you from me. They are mad don’t you see?

A bride of the light you will never be

And Death will not steal you away not from me.




6 thoughts on “Romantic Love Poems/ Deep End of the Pool

  1. Tears seem to be helpful most of the time. Except probably not when you are trying to drive. I usually feel a lot better after a good cry. A women suggested I try it and she was right. But I wish it wasn’t so difficult to guys to get to that point. Crying all day is almost unheard of in the world of guys.

  2. Robin’s Comment for—-Deep End of the Pool

    Oh David, this made tears run down my face. I don’t even think I can put into words how deeply it touched me. It is such an intimate feeling, and yet I’m sure a feeling many have experienced with someone they love. It speaks of things that are felt with the whole heart and soul and really have no words. I am feeling so much inside right now from reading this and I can’t express any of it. That is so unlike me. All I can really say is you have again touched that deep human core that resides in all of us. That is one of your gifts.

  3. It’s true, David, crying is almost taboo for us. I usually fight pretty hard against anything that might make me cry, and so I found myself doing the same thing here out of habit. This still touched me very deeply, though, so I thank you for that.

  4. Your view of love is very well said. The problem with passion is it is selfish…its about how I feel at the moment. Love is not selfish, not real love. The real test of love is not when times are good, but when things get rough. I have a friend who stood by his wife when she got terrible cancer, and she shriveled from it. He never flinched from his devotion to his wife. That is an entirely different type of passion…to stand by your mate when things go bad. That is love.

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