Men Love Their Sons/ Sad Poems Of Love

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How many joys there are in life!

And moments I have loved.

But few have ever measured to

Those days when you were young.

My son I watched you run along

These wave infested shores

And thought I never saw a soul

Who could be more adored.

Your hand in mine struck like a jewel

Of glass with gold and pearl.

Your eyes were like the sky filled dawn

Surrounded by those curls.

Then came a day you pulled away

You saw the birds and ran.

I worried you would fall and hurt

Your knees upon the sand.

But never did you falter in

Your quest to become free.

You ran and ran

And when returned

You towered over me.

And so I tell you when you find

Your son is running far.

Rejoice also and hold him well

Through many setting suns.

Then plead with heaven to erase

The time when he grows old.

Days when he is off to race

And leaves his father in this place

To hear the old ships mourn.


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