Suggestions For The Twelve Days Of Christmas (5)/ Gratitude For This

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There are some days that don’t go exactly as planned. Things spin out of control and we end up feeling disturbed or upset. It is one of those days here tonight and I am not enjoying it.

There is no inspiration here today and very few positive feelings. But do we always have to have those in order to feel gratitude? I don’t think so. And sometimes I feel grateful for the small things that may seem relatively unimportant.

I have a little saw that is very useful and I am grateful to the person who made it. And I have a comfortable hat that shields my eyes from the sun. There are so many things like this that I cannot begin to think of them all. But they are parts of my life. If they were to come and take me away I would not have them anymore. And then I would be able to describe every one of them to you.

Someone came up with the idea for these multicolored notes with sticky stuff on the back. I would be lost without them because I would forget half the things I am supposed to do.

On a night like this I am thankful for my bed. And the quiet that fills the house late in the evening. Things always seem better after a night of rest. I am grateful for the ability to sleep and dream about strange lands and people. Being able to forget this life for a few moments is a great gift.






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