Taking Photos Near Belle Island / Richmond, Virginia

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I couple of days ago I was writing about my discomfort when taking photos downtown. I said:

I’m very self conscious in situations like that and expect to be arrested at any moment. “What law did I break officer?”

“You were not in your car and you were taking photos of Mr. Robert Lee up there on his horse.”

So what did I do Sunday morning? I went downtown before dawn and parked my car next to the Federal Reserve Building. Then I got out and went to a nearby bridge to take some photos of the James River. Here’s a photo of the bridge.

I was there for about 45 seconds when I felt something in back of me. Turning around I discovered a police car pulled up behind my lonely looking Honda Accord.

It was definitely parked in a place where it should not have been. The Federal Reserve is a very powerful institution. Perhaps one of the most powerful in the world. And it doesn’t want your guide and blogging buddy underfoot.

The policeman was very nice and I didn’t have to go to jail. He did advise me that I should not take any photos of the Federal Reserve Building . And he probably could have taken my camera if he had wanted to do it.

The thing is that all this stuff is right in the same walking area. Tredegar Iron Works, Belle Isle and Brown’s Island are all within a short walking distance along the James River. This nice piece of artwork is practically underneath the Federal Reserve Buidling.

I don’t know what they are building in back of this guy. But if it is going to be part of the “You know what” then it is going to be very difficult to take his picture in the future.

Here is a slide show of some of the photos I took on this morning

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5 thoughts on “Taking Photos Near Belle Island / Richmond, Virginia

  1. Anne. It’s fun having someone local who has been there and seen it. It really is a special part of Richmond and one I plan to spend a lot more time in this year.

  2. Funny story, David! I can definitely side with the cop on this one though, you strike me as the trouble-making type. 😉 just kidding of course. That really is such a great little area down there, with Brown’s Island and the Iron works…

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