We Fly Away From Here

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The vacant stare you now possess

Slumped upon my chair

Reminds me of the mannequin

Awaiting his new suit of clothes.

To help the young men on their way

And dress them well upon their day.

So they may please their lovely brides

As you once pleased

Before you died.

But now you won’t be easily found

Unless your love lives underground.

And I will miss her more than you

My cup when love was new.


She screams and runs now through the door

And sadness sends her to the floor.

She gazes up into your eyes

And wonders where your spirit flies.

I’m here behind you

Won’t you see?


Your solemn beauty.

The chains are gone

The pain has left

Yet I am now


And bereft.

Without you now I am no one

There is no place under the sun

To be a home when you’re away

And so I’ll wait for you each day.

Just sit right here upon this sill

And watch the days pass by until

One day you join me and we fly

Away from here

To paradise.

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