A Poem For The Blog Reader

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Welcome to my blog abode

Won’t you please come in?

The Angels are expecting you

They are anxious to begin.

They pray you pass through 2.2

Page views you often read

And follow deeper into woods

Where they may take the lead.

They know you are a busy bee

Who likes to buzz and hunt

For fragrant flowers on the fly

And seldom stays  for lunch.

But they are keen to have a word

And share their love for you

They know someday your buzz will slow

And you may feel too blue.

They say you need to take a breath

And look inside awhile.

Listen to your beating heart

And learn why saints can smile.

Stop and know the world will wait

Around til you return.

Take some time for beauty’s sake

Even learn to meditate!

Because the race will still go on

Long after we are gone.


They say. . .

A spark is in your soul

And you can find it

If you are bold.

Watch it closely

Watch it long

Learn to seek it with the dawn.

Watch it start to sparkle soon

And then grow into a full moon

Before it bursts forth like the sun

Without the heat and lost vision.

Increasing always you will see

The meaning of Eternity.

So this is why I say to you

I hope you pass by 2.2

And look within for hints that pass

Of joy

And wonder.

Peace at last.


2 thoughts on “A Poem For The Blog Reader

  1. You’ve no idea how important this poem was for me this morning. Someone told me yesterday, “If you want to get ahead you have to really work it.” They knew nothing of my life (me), what I’ve “accomplished”, lived and seen and done. They did not ask about my values, what I treasured most. It was simply that I had to “get ahead”. Well, I thought, “I have ‘a head’ (LOL) and I use it to decide what is most important to me. I also have a huge heart that is vibrantly alive and knows through and through what is important in life.” I am 54 years old and can honestly say that I have LIVED, really lived. And that I am STILL really living. I pack so much life into a day and I could still live more and more and more. I want the sunrises, the sunsets, the raging storms, the silent star-filled nights. I want to see it ALL, every flower, color, animal, tree, rock, water, sky….life. This poem is important to me because you say:

    “Take some time for beauty’s sake

    Even learn to meditate!

    Because the race will still go on

    Long after we are gone.”

    I am SO thankful that you told me these words this morning, because The person who spoke to me about “getting ahead” kenw ONLY the race.

    Thank you for knowing more.

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