A College Romance Reaches Its Limits (Part 3)

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Spring finally came to Boston as Cathy and I often went down to the Charles River to study. At least we tried to study. But there were sail boats fluttering by and flowers waving in the wind. She seemed fairly happy and I was enjoying the relative peace and calm our relationship had found after months of turmoil. At one point I suggested that we should live together. It was a foolish thought and she demonstrated this to me by showing up one evening with a small suitcase and her hair curlers. She sat on the bed and looked around at the shabbiness that surrounded her. I had moved out of the Babcock Street house and left Madam Blavatsky’s disciple to her secret thoughts.

The apartment was too small and the ridiculous nature of my thought was soon apparent even to me.

There were no more trips in her father’s small plane either. It was clear to me that she idolized this man who had built a successful business. I remember him showing me a warehouse out behind their house when we were in Williamsport. There was tons of frozen food out there and I imagine he was a local food distributor and a very busy guy.

So one evening we were watching television when there was a knock on the door and a close family friend stood in the doorway. I remember her answering the door and then a conversation about shoes. He had just bought some expensive shoes. Maybe they were made out of alligator skin. It’s funny the things we remember from decades earlier. It’s clear to me now that he must have been looking at the floor rather intensely and this drew her attention to his shoes.

And then he told her that her father had flown his small Cessna into the ground and was gone. As I jumped to my feet she fell to the ground and started to scream. And there was nothing any one of us could do at that moment except feel her anguish as she discovered the darkest depths of love lost.

I slept on the couch that night and she slept in her room with her family friend. The following day I went with them to the airport and said good-bye. Eventually she returned to school and I stopped by to see her. We had a short talk and she told me about a discussion she had with her mother while she was gone.

Her mother told her that she was playing a cruel game with me and should stop doing it. Apparently her mother had discovered a few things recently and wanted to help her daughter. I don’t know the details. I can only imagine.

Later that summer I fell in love with a beautiful girl and a few years later we were married. One day I was waiting for her on the front steps of my apartment when Cathy showed up in her convertible. We talked for awhile and then my future wife rolled in on her ten speed bicycle.

That was the last time I saw her. I hope she found some happiness somewhere along the line. We all do, hopefully, from time to time. It is so very important to find someone whom you can love and trust in this world.

When you find someone like this who loves you back remember to give them a hug every day of your life. And tell them how much they mean to you.





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