September and the End of Flight

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  • September and the End of Flight



    Smoke rises round towers and towards the sky

    As I grasp a hot ledge and learn I shall die.

    So many sounds I hear devils inside.

    And bleed from this wound

    That is torn in my side.

    “Why did I come here today?”

    “Please” I most fervently pray.

    “My Father now take me away.”

    As all seems so dim between earth and sky

    And moments of time still refuse to go by

    A sweet breeze caresses my brow.

    Someone grasps my possessions

    And lets them go down.

    Watching in wonder as I disappear

    I cannot remember the step I so feared.


    So flying is wondrous we turn east with ease

    Over the buildings and far out to sea.

    As giant clouds cover these horrors we flee.

    Showing us quickly to our destiny.

    Away from the fires and deep misery

    Away from all knowledge of dark treachery.


    And then we reach Home

    Where all we have loved

    Who have gone on before us

    Are yearning to hold us

    In moments so joyous

    We suddenly see Him

    In sparkling outline

    Shyly standing aside

    Our True Lover

    And Healer

    Our Guide

    And Redeemer.


    So all of our moments have come down to this

    As we are enveloped in eternal bliss

    And turn from our loved ones to see in this light

    The merging of all

    And the end of our flight.


9 thoughts on “September and the End of Flight

  1. I usually am not into poetry, but this one has a place. “The merging of all and the end of our flight” The part that hits home the most: It is so true that as long as people stand divided they are always in flight from one another. The desire to be wealthier than the other keeps people separated. To merge is the key, but merge towards what is where the solution is.


  2. I am so stunned, awed that I hardly know where to start and it is late 11:30pm and I just finished work and have to be up at 6:30 AND YET….. I am compelled to write here because I cannot stop from doing so. This is a profoundly beautiful poem. One that left me awed and feeling deep peace and love. I felt in my bones the truth of this line:

    “The merging of all
    And the end of our flight.”

    I am really proud of you David. I am glad to see this is alive in you, being expressed so dearly and coming forth more and more.

    I read this and felt something more that I will try and put into words. At this late hour they may not make sense. But I will try.

    We can experience this right now here on Earth. We do not need die to experience this merging. It is already in YOU that is why you wrote about it so intimately and beautifully. That is why you are finding your most authentic and powerful voice. You are returning home. Where you can feel and experience a oneness with all life. You would not be able to write this if it were not part of your existing truth and even feeling/experience. Once again, my friend, you have tapped into the common denominator or the thread that binds us all, all life, all of existence. And it is truly lovely.

    I am mentioning this here as it is something I am experiencing daily of late. We can be here on Earth and go or be “home”. Experience that oneness, great peace, love and connection to all those who love us but have gone before us.

    Please forgive if I am not clear here. Suffice to say that I know how you feel and I understand and am moved. Thank you from my heart for sharing such beauty.

  3. like robin and todd, the most striking line(s) for me is:
    “The merging of all
    And the end of our flight.”

    it seems that no matter how “directed” our life is, how purpose driven we are, how clear our aims are in our mind, there will always be moments when sometimes we question ourselves “why am i doing this?”… and the answer can only be truly found when we reach the end, when we are flying home… then we see our life in its entirety, the seemingly unconnected events are actually linked and that we find our true purpose in this long flight home…

    by the way, i love the photo (well, i always like your “nature” photos, especially sunrises and sunsets :))….

    Lareines last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  4. This is truly beautiful. I hope that it can get out there where those who lost loved ones from this tragic anniversary may read this. Maybe it will give them a new peace and hope.

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