Beach Watching/ Mother Nature Arrives

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Children laugh long and play under the sun

While waves crash around their happy actions.

And I was out there for a short while too

Watching a babe who was lithe and dark tanned.

When the ocean quite fast zeroed in on its man

And knocked me sideways onto my tender can.

Tumbling around in a large playful wave

I suddenly knew I should try to behave

And struggling emerged from a watery grave

To rest my poor bod in some inviting shade.

“Dear Father”

“Lay us down now

Let us rest for awhile

May the heat heal somehow

And improve our profiles.

The sound of children

Splashing nearby

Mend our souls and make us sane

Before we try to swim again.”


It’s safer watching them from here.

The radar’s working well this year.

It seeks and finds brief suits defined

Curvaceous thighs victorious smiles. . .

I think it may be time to go

Back to my liquid filled furrow!

But now I feel the need to rest

Sleep slowly does my brow caress

The sound of booming waves assists

And soon I’m gone in dreams of bliss.

Dreaming I’m  a little boy

Perhaps of three or four

Playing on the water’s edge

Watching someone smile my way

A presence lovelier than any

Love eyes

You know from your own birth

Those gifts

From God that fill the earth.

She suddenly laughs and tenderly asks

“Did you love the wave I sent your way

My present to you on this wonderful day

As your thoughts were wandering

So very far away?”

Her eyes danced with fire soft starlight too

And her voice endless chimes did excite.

Her image shimmered as morning dew

In a changing gown of pure light.

Then the ocean stilled

As the waves ceased their motion

And all on the beach

Gathered round in devotion.


I awoke with a start!

Ran down to the shore

Dove into the water

Looked around for her alter.

No longer hunting for someone fair

With delicious body and long golden hair.

But seeking the love that keeps us alive

And wanting the source of the waves and our lives.



More poetry from Davidlind

Love’s Aging Moments

For all the different loves there are
I find this one to be by far
The one that keeps me up at night
The one that brings us most delight.

It calls to me each time to climb
The tree of passion fruit divine.
Although I sometimes fail to see
The bending grass that waits for me.

And yes I sometimes fall from grace
And land upon a softer place.
These things they seem to come and go
Like antlers on a dear old foe.

I wish our love could always find
Aphrodite and her shrine
Upon the ocean’s frothy shore
So I could dive and fall no more.

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3 thoughts on “Beach Watching/ Mother Nature Arrives

  1. Oh my god, David. Talk about a whole string of emotions.. This brought up one right after the other..bam, bam bam! I was at first chuckling and then reminiscing and then the poem slowly shifted and I went with it like a wave that I’m not quite sure where it’s taking me be I’m VERY curious. And then I was STUNNED by the ending. It was one of those slam you in the chest, the heart, endings. JUST BEAUTIFUL. Great peom! You really are a natural at these.

    These lines: WOW!!!

    “No longer hunting for someone fair

    With delicious body and long golden hair.

    But seeking the love that keeps us alive

    And wanting the source of the waves and our lives.”

  2. Thank you Robin. I am going to try and write some more poetry and a good part of the reason for doing so has to do with your encouragement and the comments you have made. I wrote this poem yesterday and some of it is a result of my experiences over the weekend.
    I actually did get hit by a wave and slammed into the surf. And then I tried body surfing one time and basically got rolled around on a very large piece of wet sandpaper.
    The midnight swim earlier in the weekend also figured in it (there’s a post about that).
    I really do appreciate all the encouragement from everybody. I enjoy writing but do not have a lot of confidence in my skills.
    Very similar to photography in a way. The moon was so beautiful this past weekend and I botched the job in terms of bringing home a photo of it. So I am reviewing some of the technical aspects of photography right now.
    Doing that is really one of my weak points. My mind wanders off at a moments notice. Right now in fact since I am sitting here writing to you when I am supposed to be figuring out my camera.
    An excellent example but only one of many.
    Still I have only been doing these things for about a year now. My goal in the next year is to become more technically proficient as a writer and a photographer. And to bring the blogs further down the road to success. I am happy you found Photo LinkLove. It has been through a lot since its inception. I have beat it almost to death on several occasions. But it seems to be in a good place now.
    There are several poems there that are not here as you seem to have discovered.

    I really appreciate your encouragement. And I hope I can be helpful to you as well. Thanks and hugs back. David.

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