Innerscapes/ Self Discovery Through Photography


This post would have to fall into the interesting person and occupation category.  Because this person has become a psychotherapist, writer and photographer over the years.  That’s a very interesting combination in my book.

In a way it is what I am trying to do here.   But in this case we are talking about a person with a lot of motivation, smarts and skill.  She has done it.  And so I would just point her out.

Hopefully some day we will take one of the tours she puts together to some part of the planet we have not seen.  That would be most of it.

Grab the horse by the reins as they say.

Update/ Lee Kraemer and I have had a little communication.  She has shared with me this interesting article.  Now I know some of you would enjoy this short discussion of the connection between photography and our SOULS.  Or our unconscious minds for the more scientific among us.

Whichever.  It’s interesting stuff.





2 thoughts on “Innerscapes/ Self Discovery Through Photography

  1. Thanks for the close-up of the horse. These animals must be on a very lean diet. The jockey looks as if he or she could use a few additional calories as well.


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