Thursday Evening At The Botanical Gardens

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Beth bought us season passes to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens so your “photographer in training” can wander over there at will.

And this he did yesterday afternoon/evening.  They stay open until nine on Thursday and have events at this time to keep the locals amused.  On this occasion it happened to be wine tasting night.  And a jazzy little trio played so that as I discovered beautiful flowers popping up there was music to accompany the moment.

Just a great way to spend a Thursday evening.


This is the way the photos look if you load them with the WP photo editor.  The photo (above) of the robin was loaded from Flickr.  See the difference?  Shadow Image plugin at work.


One thought on “Thursday Evening At The Botanical Gardens

  1. I really like the flower. Do you know what this flower is called. It looks really cool. It was a good choice to include the vine in the photo, or is the vine another species that is wrapped around the flower. It adds to the beauty.


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