Nina from New York/ Inspired Photography


I am going to post links to wonderful photography  on Flickr here.  And this would be a great example of what I hope to find.


view profile onofre bachiller says:

“Congratulations …!!! an extensive and interesting work”

view profile zauber-bild says:

“I can´t express, what I feel, when I look Nina´s work.

Well, I like it very much!


view profile From Cams Eye says:

“She is a superb photographer with a magnificent gallery of images. sHe captures it all well, . All of them receive the “magic touch” through the lens of Her camera and transform into works of art. Shes not only a great photographer, but also one of the kindest, most generous people I have met on Flickr. Thank you, for the joy of your photos!”””

view profile sirlordangels says:

“photos are great..:-} And thank you”

view profile stephgum32807 says:
“Incredibly beautiful photography work for sure. Certainly one of the best!

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