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Caroline Gill a recognized poet who also has a blog Caroline at Coastcard said something nice about your blogging buddy the other day and threw me a link.  Here tis.

Ekphrasis – in reverse

I made an earlier post about ekphrasis, thinking in terms of poems inspired by art. Tim Murdoch has posted an interesting piece on his blog, The Truth about Lies, on art arising out of poems. I particularly like the definition of painting and poetry by Simonides of Kos.

Another take on ekphrasis: I came across an intriguing site Photo Link Love, which matches photographs with poetry.

So I mention it and invite you to check out her work and also that of Tim Murdoch.

Her blog led me to this one and many, many other blogs that contain poetry.


Here I found a poetry exercise that was a lot of fun.  I invite you to go there and try it for yourself if you are interested in this sort of thing.  Here is my “happy” little poetic effort (it’s Monday morning what can I tell you?).  The idea is to just write a poem using these words:



Hanging Around


I thought about your wings today
Your carefree laughter
Sun bleached hair
Floating from a tree
Over there.

Sitting here
I leave the windows open
Curtains twisting
Recalling tastes like wine
Decanting you inside.

Amber headlights
Through the night
Timber strobes
Make me uptight.

But I wait for you to ring.

I will not shout
For anything
But twist upon this bed
Chasing ghosts
Inside my head.

Joining you

so soon




And now I know about ekphrasis too.  Things are looking up.


2 thoughts on “Jigsaw Poems/ Caroline at Coastcard/ Ekphrasis

  1. Greetings back at you. Wales is where my ancesters came from and also it is the land of poets. Dylan Thomas comes to mind. How I would love to stand on one of those mountains looking out over the English Channel.

    Is that possible by the way?

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