Day Four/ Harbor Island/ Blue Bar/ Valentine Marina/ Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

David's Writing

Last evening we were tied up here at the dock and everyone took advantage of this fact to head for the bar.  They have really transformed this place since the last time we were here.  It looks great.  And it has all the comforts of home including a hot shower with little samples of soap and body lotion in a wicker basket next to it.

WiFi is also floating through the air although it doesn’t extend all the way down the dock to our boat.  The fabulous ship belonging to the owner of the Chicago Black Hawks is two slips away and it has WiFi of its own.  But that doesn’t help me and my lonely computer.
So even though I want to avoid the bar for obvious reasons I find it necessary to go down there to send a few photos of our trip to anyone who is interested in them.
But now it is morning and I am using Flock to write a post down in the galley of our sailboat.  I enjoyed stepping on to the dock earlier without having to jump down or climb up.  The tide has gone out and now the boat and the dock are on the same plane.
Everyone is still sleeping too.  Their schedules are a bit different than mine and a few may have hangovers to consider when they finally decide to get up.  Captain Jack said something about going out and watching the sun rise down on the beach with the pink sand.  And he is pretty dependable.  You wouldn’t want a sea captain who is any other way.
The roosters started crowing about an hour ago.  And I see no sign of light now at six am.  I hope that does not mean there is a thick cloud cover.  We have been lucky so far and only experienced one very brief but incredibly dense downpour two days ago. I hear someone walking around on deck.  Probably it is Jack and we will be taking a walk soon through the crowded neighborhood next to the shore and back down towards an ancient cemetery and the resort that overlooks the beach.  It will be cool and there should not be too many golf carts whizzing around at this hour.  The roads are so narrow.
It would be pretty embarrassing ending up the victim of a golf cart on a narrow island road.  Better to go down in a violent storm out at sea.  The stories that are passed down to your descendants will be so much better.

A Few Minutes Later

Well. . .Apparently Jack has decided to sleep in this morning.  Colors are starting to appear on the horizon so I better be off.  It’s not difficult to find.  You just walk down the dock and between all these amazing boats and then you take a right here.  Maybe I should put the camera in the bag.  It’s very early and barely light.  All the bad guys are home in bed right?
I don’t know actually what the customs are around here.  Oh s!*t!  Here comes a golf cart and it has three guys in it.  Let me just duck in between these two cars and give it plenty of room.  Did that guy just look at me when they went by?  His eyes seemed to widen a bit in surprise.  Well I will just be on my way.
Oh Oh.  The golf cart engine just shut off.  If I hear it go into reverse what should I do?  Running is not an option.  I’m on vacation.  And it’s better not to show fear.  If they want the camera I will just give it to them.  I really would like a D300.  They are supposed to be pretty awesome. . .
Let me just peak back and they’re gone!  They must have made a right turn or something.  Wait a minute.  Who is this dude coming down the road?  He looks to be over six feet tall.
“Good morning”
“Good morning.”  Man he has a deep voice.  And he doesn’t sound too friendly.

A Few More Minutes Later

Let me just walk down this path and . . .
This is so beautiful!  And the breeze feels so good.  Nobody in sight either way.  Oh wait.  There’s a guy way down there raking the beach in front of a resort.  The waves are making that deep booming sound that tells you who is really in charge.  And the colors are amazing.
Time to take some photos.  And then I think I will take a walk over there up those stairs to the Blue Bar and have a cup of coffee and some breakfast.

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