Nassau/ Paradise Island/ Flying Home

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We returned to Nassau yesterday afternoon.  After a nice dinner everyone decided to wander over to Atlantis.  The group was planning to walk over the bridge but I knew that I would be ready to crash by the time we got there so I decided to take a cab.

And guess what?  I had a lot of company.  So we all arrived there after Captain Jack’s favorite cabby “Harry” turned up.   The younger ones went straight to the casino to donate their funds to the island and Captain Jack and his wife, Beth and I went to the aquarium to see the fish.

It’s a pretty amazing place but I have seen it before and am tiring of the crowds and the confusion.  Everything about it is very expensive as well.  I prefer the solitary beaches and the star lit canopy we slept under last night.  The generator broke yesterday and so it was hot below deck.  I slept under the stars.

Today we will catch a flight home.  As usual I am up and about while everyone else is still sleeping.  There is a convenience store across the street from the marina with WiFi and Bahamians streaming in and out.  They are either up very early or have not yet gone to bed.

We really did have a lot of luck this trip and barely saw any evidence of the hurricane.  Captain Jack did an excellent job of skirting it.  We heard stories of past storms however including Andrew which leveled so many homes like the one we were invited to for a barbecue a few nights ago.  People often take years to rebuild.  This home is still not completely rebuilt.  Bahamians don’t do things unless they have cash in hand.

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