Strange Behavior In The Sky

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We managed to return home yesterday from the Bahamas after passing through Customs and enduring a very strange passenger on our flight from Nassau.   I had to take off my belt to get through the X-ray machine and my shorts nearly fell down.  But then this idiot on the plane was acting like a character who had just passed Terrorism 101 at his local community college out there in the desert.  So  I got ticked off because we went through three screenings barely managing to keep our dignity and this moron appears to be casing the airplane and doing some sort of checklist on his computer while the flight crew ignores him.

I sat behind him and was having fantasies about putting the belt I mentioned around his neck and seeing what he did but, of course, I did nothing.  I should have taken a photo of his laptop screen with my telephoto lens but it is unlikely anything would show up.  He spent over an hour looking at rows of figures.  Jill sat next to him and said she noticed that the first row included names of airlines.

Then he would walk around or stand next to his seat for a couple of minutes with a cup of coffee looking out the window.  He was taking a stroll down the aisle and started staring at two children who were sitting next to their father.  Dad got ticked and told him to take a hike.

Perhaps he was just trying to gauge the level of hostility by doing irritating stuff.  Jill said he let off three stink bombs while he was sitting there studying his data.   The kids were laughing at him.  What else could they do?  When the announcement came on to put away the electronic gear he simply ignored it and kept on going.  No doubt he was waiting to see how long it took to get a reaction.   And then his carry-on was about ten seats away in the overhead.

As we were getting ready to land he yelled something back to his “family” who were about ten rows in the opposite direction in French.   He looked to be about thirty years old with that intellectual air that places guys like him so very  far above the masses.

Of course he could have been just an obnoxious SOB.  He asked someone who was sitting next to the window if they would shut the shade early in the flight.  And he was sitting two seats away on the aisle.

When we were standing in line waiting to get on the airplane there were Bahamian Customs Officials milling about and checking our passports (again).   That’s the first time this has happened and I wonder if they knew something was up.

Everybody in our group thought this guy was up to something and I know one Dad who would have enjoyed helping me subdue him if he decided to come out and play.

But it’s probably all just one of my paranoid fantasies.  Right?

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