Preachers Cave/ Spanish Wells

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During our trip we were able to spend a day in Spanish Wells.  The area has an interesting history that you can read about here.

About five years ago we visited the area and explored Preachers Cave.  It is just a walk of a mile or two from Salt Kettle Beach where we saw the dolphins on this trip. Here you can see the dense growth that begins just off the beach.  It is hot in there and there are lots of little animals running around. But we didn’t have a problem with insects.  Maybe the animals and birds ate them all.

From the water you can see a small cave (not Preachers Cave) as you approach the beach.  It looks like a welcoming figure is standing in the left side of the cave opening.

Dolphin Beach/ The Bahamas

In reality here is what we are seeing.

Here is a cool picture of the island taken from outer space . . .

Here is a photo of a nearby rock formation that looks like a profile.   You can tell that you are approaching Salt Kettle Beach when you see this.

2 thoughts on “Preachers Cave/ Spanish Wells

  1. Our boat captain said it was a mile or two away. If you walk down the beach from here you will eventually come to a path and after a short walk on it you arrive at Preachers Cave.

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