Reaction to My Poem About The Olympic Games

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We have a free and open press here in America. We can criticize our government and the people who run it.  We can change things if we get together and vote for change.  There is an election coming up in November and it may result in some major policy changes both in this country and abroad.

It’s just the way we do things and have done them for hundreds of years.  Probably we don’t do them as much as our ancesters in this country did them.  There was a time when citizens ran around the White House after an election and got their foot prints all over the upholstery.

The dawn of a new populist era was vividly clear on Inauguration Day. Jackson opened the White House to his backers, and hundreds of them pushed and shouted their way through the building in search of conviviality as they celebrated their hero’s victory. Many were rough men in muddy boots who climbed on the chairs and devoured the food and drink provided by uniformed waiters. Women, children, farmers, laborers, ambassadors, members of Congress—a stream of humanity took over the place for the day.

They were in a celebratory mood.  Andrew Jackson had won the election.

But we don’t mind saying what we think.   And nobody is going to come around and arrest us for saying it.  We might have to answer a few questions if we threaten to kill someone.  But for the most part we are free to say whatever.

Here is what someone has to say about my poem.

“You stupid American! You think the air in Beijing will pollute your lungs? Then why do your American team still come to the Olypics?
You said you feel sorry about your Tibetan friends? Then why don’t give your money directly to them. Do you really care about them? Are you really friends of them?
You brainless American! Have you ever been to Beijing or Tibet? Do you have any evidence to prove what you said?”


Dear Anonymous

I remember what happened in 1988 when a group of citizens decided to protest their government’s policies in China.  And I am wondering when communism will finally be sent to the dust bin of history.  We should all have the freedom to vote for our leaders and say what we need to say.

And I respectfully disagree with what you have to say about “proof” and my intelligence.  I have not been to the moon.  But I feel pretty certain that I could not breathe there without a tank of air.  If this makes me stupid then you must be very perceptive.

Thanks for responding.  Please come back and don’t be afraid to use your name. No one here is going to persecute you for saying what’s on your mind.

One thought on “Reaction to My Poem About The Olympic Games

  1. I will comment just to say “I have no comments on this one”.

    Ok I will write some more…for starters I have no interest in the Olympics for various reasons which I will leave undiscussed here. Secondly, it is too bad that some people still need to lash out in anger at their fellow brother and sister. All I can say is David I hope you do not take it personally as you know that that anger comes from the root of something much bigger than any words or poem could instigate.

    Evitas last blog post..Review: Neal Brothers Natural Croutons! Croûtons! – Multigrain with Garlic

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