Blogging Buddies/ Happy Labor Day

David's Writing

There are a few
Who I’ve known
Through these keys
(Not the telephone)
Who are in my soul.
They slipped thru somehow
And whereever they go
From here to Moscow
I hope for their pleasure
Their good times and laughter.
And pray they always
Find their way to safety
Because they are good
And their lives do matter.
Though we passed in the street
I would not have a clue
It was them I should greet
And their hugs I should capture.


5 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies/ Happy Labor Day

  1. I am so sorry you did not get one this time, I could only give out 7. I promise you will get one next time, OK? You know that I love your site and enjoy reading all the good stuff you write. I love this poem it is really good, did you write it? Such talent! I am impressed!

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Hi AB. I have a place for all the award things now so hopefully some more of them will be coming along. Not that I deserve them. But it’s nice to get them anyway. I hope you are doing well out there in LA.

  3. What a kind and thoughtful poem. Thank you!! I like it very much, I also loved the colors in the photos so soothing like the poem. Once again you have matched them beautifully. I think this is GREAT you are writing all this new poetry; I love seeing YOUR poems here. I just wrote one last night inspired by a hike I took the other day and some photos that go with it. I will post it sometime after I tool it a bit.

    PS Re: the awards and you: You are VERY deserving of them. Remember that. Okay?!! I too have to still put my awards on my site but am not sure how to do it.

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