Wednesday Evening/ Henry Miller/ Tropic of Cancer

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I was sitting in a parking lot today in Beth’s car.  My car is getting the inspection sticker that it should have received last month.  But I was distracted last month by turquoise  water and pink sand.  So she made me take it in today and generously let me take her car when I needed to go out.  But her air conditioning doesn’t work and it must be at least 110 degrees in this parking lot.  The sun beats down on the asphalt and all the heat accumulates in the tar and the gravel.  And then I come along and sit  like an overfed turkey waiting to be basted.

Why was i sitting there?  I was waiting for someone.  Always try to arrange to meet someone under a tree somewhere.  Go around one day and find meeting places with a lot of nice shade.  Write them down and put them in the glove compartment.  Put a copy next to the phone in your office.

You will thank me for this little tip.  I’m not Martha Stewart.  But then I haven’t spent a lot of time in the slammer either.   Did Henry Miller ever spend time in jail?

I do not know.  You can read his work or at least some of it  in the Google Book Search.  Did you know that?  I remember some time ago reading about Goog doing this and all the evil things that would follow.  The Tropic of Cancer/ Google Book Search.

I found this cool quote from Henry and it is now lodged at the top of the VB sidebar.

“The diary is an art form
just as much as the novel
or the play. The diary simply
requires a greater canvas.”
~ Henry Miller

And so for all of us who are indulging in personal blogs we now have someone who supports our efforts.   Here is someone who can pick us up when we fall into a hole and feel totally lost.  Get up!  Be an artist!  Create something!   You don’t have to be an intellectual to be an artist.  You can feel intimidated by intellectuals if you like.  But that’s your choice.

Artists are just people who like to create things and use their imaginations.

I don’t plan to go down the road that Henry Miller traveled in this book.  Probably the closest I will ever get is my recent post about the Midlife crisis and the Island of Dr. Moronic.

We (men) can change into such nasty creatures sometimes.

There is hope however once we get older.  Give us a camera and point us in the right direction.  Let us play with a pile of wood.  And hope for the best.   The aging process is good for wine and people.  We should not let our culture tell us otherwise.

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