Weekend Plans/ History and Virginia

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The sun is out!  I was assuming it would rain again with all the hurricanes and so forth.  But maybe not.  I have two goals this weekend.  Exercise.  Take photos.

I also need to try and help my son.  He and his girlfriend broke up.  As usual the guy is a lot more demonstrative about his pain than the girl.  Girls do have pain under these circumstances too, right?

Just checking. I have started a little project here about historical events several hundred years ago.  My basic idea is to do this once in a great while under very clear conditions.  It has to be something that took place in Virginia and we (Beth and I) have to be able to touch it in some way as we did the statue of de Grasse.  History is fun but this is not going to become a history blog.  And, hopefully,  we can find other things to examine besides this war or that war.

There are so many wars in our history!   Too many unfortunately.  But there is lots of history right here in Richmond that we can examine from time to time.   John Marshall lived here!   Edgar Allen Poe lived here before he wandered off to die in Baltimore.    The famous stage and movie dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson was born here.   And, of course, Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.  was born and raised here.

My granddaughter Kathryn was not born here.  She was born up in Lynchburg which is a very old and prosperous community to the west up in the mountains.   In this photo she is perhaps wondering what those strange creatures outside the window might be.  We are slowly winding our way through a safari park.   What has she gotten herself into by being born into our family?

Too late for second guessing Kathryn!   Just enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Weekend Plans/ History and Virginia

  1. Your granddaughter is such a cutie!!!

    Your new project sounds very interesting!

    And as for your son, I would say sorry to hear that, but I won’t – everybody says that when really they do not know the circumstances – perhaps it is for the best – perhaps now he can expand himself, his interests, his passions – usually a break up is like that, except it is hard to see it amongst the body’s sometimes shock and pain. But when this pain breaks, and when we start seeing the situation from a bigger picture, we tend to get a big breath of fresh air and an awareness that this is exactly how it is supposed to be.
    My opinion is that we should never settle and be with someone with whom we are not completely and totally happy with and in love and vice versa – be with someone who does not feel the same. Because life is too short and there is someone out there with whom we can share a true unity.

    P.S. On another side note I wanted to share with you my exciting news…last night we got a digital SLR – didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly but my husband was such a dear about it and insisted I have one now to expand my interests in photography, especially since the new site is up. So this weekend we will spend learning all of its magnificent features!

    Evitas last blog post..Vegetarian Recipe: Fruit and Bean Quinoa

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