Let Us Ruminate/ Tis Wednesday

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Midweek timeout.  Take a breath.  You can make it if you try.  It has been a busy week so far and I feel like I have spent so much time with the photos that I have neglected the writing aspect of blogging.

What is blogging?  Perhaps it is thinking out loud.   Or maybe it is a rap session.  Remember those?  We used to have them all the time when we were in college.   Somebody would stop by and then somebody else who hoped to be with that somebody would walk by the room.

And then that somebody would do a U-turn and flop down on the beanbag chair.  And then somebody else who wanted to “protect”  one of those already in the room would suddenly appear.   Somebody would tell a joke and then the noise level would rise and the guys or girls in the neighboring room would have to investigate.

Is blogging like that?  In it’s better moments perhaps.  It COULD BE like that if a lot of old foggies like myself decided we wanted it to be like that.

The physical element would be missing.  But some of us wouldn’t regret that at all.   None of the guys who are still holding on to their midlife crises would be interested.

But the rest of us would find some comfort in pretending we were in that smelly room again and just sharing our thoughts and emotions with others who were in the same boat.

And trying to navigate without a paddle.

Hey dude!   Did you hear what Robin had to say?   She is so far out.  She knows how to put things in perspective.   She helps me deal with things i dream about when I’m lonely.   I can’t say enough about her.  Now she has the word when it comes to falling in love.

What a babe.

Let’s order a pizza.  Anybody got any money?



9 thoughts on “Let Us Ruminate/ Tis Wednesday

  1. Great post! Reminds me of what I still do now and then with my friends, go to conventions, all room in the same hotel, and end up gathering in one room, gabbing, eating, laughing. It’s nice! I don’t see anything wrong with being able to do that on blogs too.

    I also have to agree Robin is great. Reading her post brought back memories of how I thought when I was young.

    We people are such complicated funny creatures! But that is what makes everyone so interesting!
    ~K 🙂

  2. It seems as we get older we long for the good old days when life was so much simpler, oh wouldn’t it be nice to go back there. I don’t know about you but some of it would be great not all of it though. I don’t know how we would have a rap session here, it would be fun to try. Let me know if you try it so I can join in.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Oh dear David, You are such a sweetheart. This made me laugh and smile and giggle; it is so well written and funny and endearing. And exactly how kids talk at that age. I just love it.

    I too miss that sitting down and simply rapping. I’ve done it in the past with friends but this summer my work load has been so intense that I’ve not be able to do it and I REALLY REALLY miss it. There is something so delicious about doing that. Indigenous cultures always did that. They didn’t sit facing a TV or computer. They sat around a fire and shared stories and ideas and their night-time dreams.

    I’ve had a long long loooooong day and then, once again, I came her to end my day and you could not have made me happier. It’s funny how we can move through life just being ourselves and then suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder and lets you know that who you are is good and makes a difference or is important to their lives or touches them, etc. I actually brings tears to my eyes and I will go to bed feeling like….Okay, I can do another day.

    Thank you from my heart.
    I needed this this week.
    You must have read my mind. 🙂 🙂

    PS You have a great crew here in Evita, K. Fields and you.

    Robin Eastons last blog post..Falling in Love

  4. You all are great. Thanks for the responses. I have to note, however, that there are no guys responding here. Does that mean anything? I don’t know. Do guys not remember these activities? But I’m a guy. Possibly a strange one but nevertheless…
    Maybe AngelBaby is right. Do we really want to go back there?

    If i go back it is just for a few minutes and to a very selective location or two. 🙂

  5. I am the same as you, David. I would only go back for a few minutes and to very select locations. I hold fond memories but I’ve learned that I can never go back. BUT I have also learned that I can create the best elements of what I once had, in my life now. In fact I think this is something I want more in my life, this type of getting together where close friends sit around and chew the fat and share a meal and discuss not JUST chatter, but really interesting issues, feelings, dreams, ideas, thoughts, etc.

    Although blogging for some people offers a taste of this, for me it’s not the same as sitting in front of a campfire or in a cozy living room with friends, all sharing feelings, thoughts and dreams, etc. I’m a very fast typist but writing is still so slow for me (in terms of how fast my thoughts and feelings move) and definitely misses that element that being in someone’s real presence offers.

    PS I also would have thought that guys would have remembered these times almost more than women. But maybe not…..

    Robin Eastons last blog post..Falling in Love

  6. We are always building imaginary worlds or, at least, inhabiting them when we go to the movies or read a book (Do we still read books?). So it’s not a difficult thing to do. Say you are going to have a virtual college dorm room from the seventies (or maybe not that far back for some of you). And everyone is invited to hang out. You wouldn’t even need to hang out at the same time really…..the dorm room beyond time.

    But what is it that we miss really? Certain people for sure. But also the communal experience that is so brief in our culture because everyone has to be free to go their own way. I’m not even going to continue down this road, mine field, whatever. . . I can think of a few things to say and they will all get me in trouble. lol.

    For whatever reason…. we move on. It wasn’t so great perhaps. It didn’t last. I remember meeting a group of college students at Holy Cross who had all had a few acid trips together and felt like they were welded together for awhile. And then eventually they began to go their separate ways.

    Let’s say in our culture the thing to do was to go back to college instead of retiring to the golf course or the planned community. I guess we would all go back there again and sit around those messy rooms. Or would we?

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