Virginia Breeze Wins A Premium Theme From Sadish Bala

David's Writing

Everyone who has spent time here knows that Sadish is my guy when it comes to WordPress Themes.   I have used many of them in the past as part of the learning process that goes along with blogging.  And Sadish is a force in the WordPress world.

So it was very satisfying to see that he feels Virginia Breeze has done a pretty good job with one of his premium themes, BlueSky.  I won a prize!  Another premium theme!

It’s nice to receive recognition for the efforts we make as bloggers.  We spend LOTS of hours at night trying to do this thing.  But I won’t say they are lonely hours.  Because blogging is not a lonely endeavor.  It brings with it a sense of belonging in the world that perhaps has never existed before now.  Update:  Virginia Photos used to be Virginia Breeze before it journeyed to  for a long rest.

Thanks Sadish.  And congratulations to all of the other winners.

Free Premium Theme Contest – Results

Filed under Contests by Sadish around 4:00 pm

I was supposed to announce the results of the Free Premium Theme Contest #1 yesterday. I am sorry for the delay.
I have selected Four winners for this contest. The winners can contact me offline with their choice of the Premium themes, and I will send it to them by email.
1. Wilson’s Words and Pictures
2. Information Sells
3. Virginia Breeze
4. Chocolate Fingerprints

Congratulations to all the Winners ! Thanks for taking part in the contest.

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