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It makes things a lot easier if you write about something that fascinates a lot of people.   I was looking at some of the top blogs earlier and they focus on movie stars and electronics stuff.   If you do that in a cool way you will easily have a successful blog.  I used to put photos of movie stars in a blog that was sort of floundering around and they brought in a lot of readers.  But then I found this very unsatisfying.  Because I wasn’t going to advertise off of them and make money.  I was just serving them in some strange way that they most likely didn’t even want or need.  There was no joy in it and certainly no creativity.

So I stopped doing that and took all of it down except for the absolutely amazing photos of a couple of dynamite babes including a fascinating photo of Charlize Theron.  But that really is another subject and it goes beyond blogging into the realm of remembering how beautiful a human being can be for awhile on the outside.

So I am still floundering on that blog NewsLink Briefs but at least it gives me something to think about and experiment with in my more relaxed moments.  Blogging is in general a way of dealing with idle time in my book and avoiding the boob tube and other mostly useless activities.

So more power to these guys but if it’s not about money, electronics or the latest Hollywood gossip you have a more challenging way to go.   A lot of us out here are trying to make something interesting out of our unglamorous lives.  We are doing it without superior media skills or writing ability.  And we are supporting each other as we try to do this.   We are not in competition with each other.

I am basically enjoying life and taking photos that will memorialize the good times in a way that requires me to do it on a regular basis.  So later when I get Alzheimer’s I can look at this blog and try to remember how things were in the good old days on a day to day basis.

Probably you won’t read about that rationale for blogging anywhere else on the web today.  Or possibly ever.

But I’m still going to blog until the end of my days.

“Ate soup today”

“Got lost in the woods”

“Charlize Theron visited  today and wanted to ravish me”.

“Who is Charlize Theron?”

So I guess that makes me a dedicated blogger.   I have a niche.   And I hope you will pardon me but I need to go scratch it.

2 thoughts on “Middle Of The Week/ Lost In Richmond

  1. You are soooo right about reasons for blogging, I think it has more to do with being recognized and remembered for something… even if it is just about an amazing cup of coffee that you experienced that morning.

    We all live life vicariously through other’s experiences and blogging has opened up worlds and bits and pieces of knowledge to people who may never get to experience the real thing, or it can help others know that they are not the only ones on earth going through a problem or situation.

    Makes a large world much smaller and easier to navigate. 🙂

    Great Post!


    K. Fieldss last blog post..Arcticulates: Cook Moose Stew!

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