McCain/ He's Got Poor Judgement And Would Be A Good President/ Elect Him Not Me/ Should I Cancel My Campaign Again And Go Fishing?

David's Writing

Benito here. Randy is off again. So I guess I should write something. AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It hurts my hands to write.

Here is something I find this week in the paper.

“A sense of grievance spilling into rage has gripped some GOP events this week as McCain supporters see his presidential campaign lag against Obama. Some in the audience are making it personal, against the Democrat. Shouts of “traitor,” “terrorist,” “treason,” “liar,” and even “off with his head” have rung from the crowd at McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, and gone unchallenged by them.”

And I just want to say you have a lovely country here but I’m getting a little afraid to go out in public.  Yesterday I heard someone say they would go to Mexico and take some of my friends North while they were having siestas.  Then leave them in Nebraska so when they wake up they run into Canada.

They all laughed but it is not so funny.  Everybody is very mad.   Friskeena sometimes starts yelling about Benny and throwing stuff around the house.

People are being afraid of many things and now they are mad too.   But this McCain guy starts talking all this trash about Senator Obama and then when everyone starts yelling about it he says he’s going to be alright as President.

It’s very confusing.  Old people should not run for President.  They are confused.  It’s like they wake up In Nebraska and drive to California.   Then they think they find the boat to Martha’s Vineyard.

Oh Oh.  Someone is outside the door.  Maybe it’s Friskeena.  Or it could be John McCain and some guys who want to go to Montana.  I better hide.

Randy will be back tomorrow.  I think he’s out on the Interstate looking for Lorelle.  He better be careful or someone will try to take him to Florida.

How bad off can this country be at the moment?   They still have plenty of money for gas.  And the price is coming down faster than Friskeena can fly to the Helmut City Revue on a Friday nite.

Got to go.

One thought on “McCain/ He's Got Poor Judgement And Would Be A Good President/ Elect Him Not Me/ Should I Cancel My Campaign Again And Go Fishing?

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