Happy Boss Day (October 16th) Or Any Day HEY-HEY

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I was having a bad day when I wrote this poem over a year ago.  It’s the most popular post ever here at Virginia Breeze.   Why is that do you think?  It doesn’t say very much about the quality of this blog.  Does it?   I was thinking about a boss I had a long time ago when I wrote it.  And I was also thinking about someone more recently in my life (unfortunately) who THINKS she is my boss*. So I had a great time doing this and released all the negative feelings and let them go with a laugh. Such a silly poem.  Tickets, please!!

*And it’s not my wife by a long shot.  So Happy Bosses Day everyone!


Dear Boss I wish you well this year

And well upon your way from here.

May soon you land on distant shores

Where they won’t let you pray before

They sacrifice your scrawny butt

And hang your head above a hut

Next to the tribal eating place

Where you are served up after grace.

Because they really love to eat

And you are such a lovely treat.

So here’s a ticket. There’s the boat

Happy hunting you old goat.

You are the prize so don’t delay

Just say goodbye and go away!



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