Lightening Strikes/ Grandchildren And The Zoo

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We had lots of rain yesterday.  I went googling around for something about number of days it has rained in Virginia lately and found something more interesting.

Here we find some fascinating stories about the interaction between people and lightening.

June 26, 1977: Park Ranger Roy C. Sullivan worked many years at Shenandoah National Park. On this day, Roy was struck by lightning for the seventh time earning him the title of “the human lightning conductor.” The first time occurred in 1942 as he was working up in a lookout tower. The lightning bolt caused him to lose his big toe nail. In 1969, he was driving along a mountain road when the bolt struck. (Cars and trucks will not protect you if the window is open). He lost his eye brows. In 1970, he was walking across his yard to get the mail when lightning struck. His shoulder was seared. In 1972, he was standing in the office at the ranger station when lightning set his hair on fire. In 1973, after his hair had grown back, he was struck again. His hair was again set on fire and his legs were seared. In 1976, while checking on a campsite, he was struck injuring his ankle. His last and seventh encounter was while fishing. Lightning caused chest and stomach burns. It is not only amazing that Roy was injured seven times by lightning, but it is astounding that he was not killed! His death in his 70’s was not related to lightning. He committed suicide and was said to be distraught over the loss of a woman. It was never determined why lightning seemed to be attracted to him.

There’s another story here of which we have first hand knowledge.  Beth talked with a guy just before he went out to play a round of golf.  He was a young guy traveling through Richmond on business and decided to play on a whim.  And when it started to rain he took shelter under a tree with his golf clubs.

And that’s where they found him.  Sitting under the tree with his golf clubs.  Dead.

We are off to northern Virginia today to see the grand kids and their parents.  Beth tells me the weather is supposed to be very nice this weekend.  Zachary is staying here and taking care of our saber toothed German Shepherds Sparky and Malarkey.

The kids want to go to the DC zoo.  So photo opportunities should abound.

After the trials and tribulations of the past week this will be a welcome respite.  And we hope you have a great weekend too.

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