Time To Find A Halloween Costume

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You don’t want to wait too long to find a nice Halloween costume. The good ones sell out fairly quickly.

How do you like this one? It took me a long time to find it. But I think it was worth the effort. When I answer the doorbell I like to have a costume on so the kids will get more than just a few organic cookies.

I bet they get a charge out of this. And if they don’t I going to have the railings on the front step rigged up to give a small electric charge while speakers hidden in the bushes start to play shrieking sounds.

Alternating vs direct current. Hmmmm. What would Thomas Edison recommend?

3 thoughts on “Time To Find A Halloween Costume

  1. You are too funny!! Hmmm? Didn’t you visit the zoo recently?? LOL 🙂 🙂

    Nonetheless I think this would make an ideal costume! As A kid I used to love Halloween more than Christmas, because we always made our costumes. My Mom would help us by dragging old clothes out of the attic and helping us with makeup, etc. We did some pretty extreme and wild costumes. I remember one year one of my brothers wrapped his whole body like a mummy and put fake blood on the bandages in places and then plastered his face with mud from the backyard. Then he had fake blood seeping out of the mud on his head . Now, it REALLY was gruesome. He terrified not only other kids but I think some of the adults were so shook up about it they call my mother!! LOL LOL

    Oh, us kids thought that was grand excitement. My Dad was a dentist and also studied some medicine and he had a real human skeleton left over from medical school and it hung in our basement for years. LOL Seriously! And at Halloween we’d hall it out and hand it by the front door and rig fishing line to make the skeleton open the front door and also move it’s arms and legs. The front door was right at the bottom of the stairway the led to the second floor. So we’d hide up on the stairs and move the fish line.

    I remember the kids (who came from other neighborhoods and hadn’t ever seen the skeleton in our basement) would go screaming out the door and you’d hear them outside whispering in a huddle, trying to decide if it was real of not, and how could it move on it’s own, etc. LOL Some just ran off and never come back. Oh gawd, those were great days!!! And the fact that Dad did that with us was a riot! But then healthy parents stay young in those kind of ways, which is good.

    Hugs to you my good friend!

    Robin Eastons last blog post..“Nobody Could Love Me”

  2. Oh you are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your childhood adventures with me. It sounds like your father was a real character. I have to get your book and read about your life. When is it coming out or has it already? I need to know more.

    Thank you Robin. You make this blogging adventure worthwhile.

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