5 thoughts on “Kinds of Leaves/ Fall Foliage

  1. This is absolutely elegant, I’ve not seen anything like this or done this way. So powerfully beautiful put together all together like this. What are you using to do your slide shows. I have a bunch I did in Flash Slideshow Maker but I have idea how get them onto my site or what format to save them to. I am using a worldpress.ORG blog. Can you suggest an easy way to do slideshows that is compatable with WP.org sites.

    Your photos are just amazing. These would make a great series of cards. In the Halloween post I could only find one skeleton photo, which was very funny. LOL:) but you mention another…did I miss something?

    Such a nice place you have here David, just delightful. I was reading some of your poetry again and realized that I had commented on a poem there and it must never have gone through. It was a month or two ago…so I will have to go back when I have some time and comment again. Such lovely writing. Very poignant.

    Hugs to you, hope your weekend wonderfully inspiring!! 🙂 🙂

    Robin Eastons last blog post..I Will Stand By You

  2. Thank you so much Robin. I use the NextGen software and it does a beautiful job. I wrote a series of posts about how to install it along with a few other things that make installation and maintenance easier. You can find them here.


    NextGen is one of the most popular WP.org plugins around so I don’t think you can go wrong with it. The guy who made it is very much on top of things and issues updates regularly.

    If you use this and you have ANY problem let me know and I will try to help you. I tried to make these posts as simple as possible because I had such a hard time figuring out basic stuff like uploading files and finally paid a guy 250 bucks to go over a bunch of stuff including that.

    So now I’m giving the knowledge gained away and it makes my day if you get something out of it. Much of the time the orginators of these fine programs don’t explain them down to the novice level. Im not saying you are at that level but I sure was and still am much of the time.

    The Boo at the Zoo post was done last week after I came back from Northern Va. There’s a link to it at the top of the post. I hope you and everyone will stumble it so my little skeletons can reach out and enjoy a little company. They usually lead such lonely lives. Underground!

  3. These are so lovely David and they come at a great time as I feel the colors are leaving us fast. Around here there are almost all half-bare and grey trees. In a week or two all the beautiful colors will be gone, so it is great to look at these gorgeous scenes over and over to remember the wealth and beauty of fall!

    Evitas last blog post..Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2007 Conference DVD Set

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