Appomattox Court House/ Beautiful Day For Photos

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Here’s a location to learn more about this historical area. A great thing happened on this plot of land barely a lifetime before I was born. A society built on slavery was defeated. It happened here. The documents were signed. I stood on the spot where Grant met Lee and looked around on this gorgeous fall day.

Nature seems to be celebrating on this day. Perhaps it is just my imagination but as I look around I am carried away with these thoughts. I am a soul who has seen an amazing thing happen in the past week.

Since childhood I have seen the transformation of a society from days of segregation to this time.

My soul celebrates. And nature brought the party here. There are a few days like this in a person’s life. I have driven by this spot many times on my way to Lynchburg. It was established long ago as a place for travelers to rest on their journeys back and forth from Richmond to Lynchburg.

But I never stopped until now.

And let’s try another photo.

Click on photos to enlarge

One thought on “Appomattox Court House/ Beautiful Day For Photos

  1. You know what David, I have been feeling that I have been experiencing amazing things not just in the past week, but in the past couple of years of my life. The changes I am seeing and witnessing on this planet are profound and I am so happy to be a part of them! I know there are more amazing changes to come!

    The photos are great as usual. This historic site is really something!

    Evitas last blog post..Health Food Is NOT Necessarily Healthy Food

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