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I have noticed lately that when I write something I tend to repeat a word or phrase a second time in a way that is not attractive. And the reason I do it is because I have forgotten I used the word or phrase in the previous line or sentence.

It’s not quite as bad  if you used  the word or phrase in the previous paragraph. But it’s still good to mix up your words and hopefully add a bit of something to the idea you are trying to express.

It’s difficult to tell whether this memory issue is just part of the aging process or perhaps due to the medication I take for RLS. RLS is Restless Legs Syndrome for those who do not know and it’s controlled by a drug called Requip in most cases.

Dopamine is an issue and scientists are learning more about it and RLS all the time. Hopefully they will come up with better treatments soon.

I was emailed by a nice person from an RLS sleep study asking if I would share information about their study (see! There I go again ).

Here is the address:


And thank you to everyone who participates in this sleep study.  You are doing something good for about twenty million people who are having a difficult time coping with this scourge.

I’m feeling better tonight thank you.  I realize that I have a very strange sense of humor but it helps me when I’m feeling bad to talk about “the blogger is at the gateway to the next world” and so on.   I can hardly wait to find out what I’ll say when that time actually arrives.

Stay tuned.  But the bug is in abeyance and I also isolated the computer germ ( better! Didn’t use bug again) that was causing posts to disappear.  Unfortunately it was my nice shadow image plugin so now all the photos are flat on the page.

Oh well.

And I found a  video about Willard the Fighting Kangaroo that was very amusing.  Just Google it if you would have a look.

Thanks Willard for making me laugh.  And some of the rest of you too.  Beth made me my favorite dinner tonight and after a few days of not eating it tasted so good.  The bed is comfortable and the Requip is doing its part.

So I can’t complain.  Life is not meant to be comfortable all the time.  We would not appreciate these moments of rest if it did not challenge us in various ways.

And now to sleep.

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9 thoughts on “RLS Sleep Study/ Restless Legs Syndrome/ The Blogger Is Better

  1. Multi-tasking can also be a cause of using the same words withoug realizing it.

    Course… how many people do you know that multi-task.

    I doubt if it is age related… only because I am getting up there in age and don’t want to go there with that thought! 🙂

  2. I do this quite often unfortunately. In my case, I just get lazy. I know that i already used the word previously, and then i use it again, and maybe if I really tried I could come up with another word with the same or similar meaning, but sometimes I just don’t feel like making the effort. 🙂

    koujis last blog post..thanksgiving haiku poem

  3. “But the bug is in abeyance and I also isolated the computer germ ( better! Didn’t use bug again) that was causing posts to disappear.”

    — this made me laugh! when writing, i get stuck in my effort not to use the same word in consecutive sentences (or find the appropriate one) that i lose my train of thoughts until i finally end up with nothing… or with a lot of gibberish talks (well, technically it’s writings) on a good day :)… it can be so frustrating!!!!

    Lareines last blog post..Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

  4. We know that part of the success of some excellent writers comes from the way the put together the words and phrases to make the writing or book more appealing or interesting. That definitely is a good point.

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