4 thoughts on “Virginia Views/ Appomattox Court House/ Time To Visit

  1. Thanks guys. Ron I think you are right. I would laugh but it makes my ribcage hurt right now. It’s just our tax dollars at work making sure it DOES stay the same.

  2. Hi Dear David, I’ve been here to look at so many of your photos but never had time to comment until today. And you have sooooo many beautiful photos of autumn. The country side there has such a grace about it, even the buildings. It made me feel very peaceful inside. The light on the second photo is so “sweet” it brings up a longing in me. Not sure why, maybe it reminds me of back east where I grew up. I love that time of day. And the last photo is AMAZING in it’s design. The way the road and fence go are magical. And it too is extremely peaceful. I agree with Ron, in that is doesn’t look like anything has changed for a few hundred years. Just excellent quality photos full of emotion…very creative!!! I swear you keep getting better and better, something coming out of your soul and into your photos. Just beautiful to see. Hugs my friend, Robin

    Robin Eastons last blog post..Please Help Me

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