"People Have Stopped Spending Money"/ Podcast

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Here’s an opportunity to sit in the classroom and listen to a discussion about the current global financial crisis.   It’s located in Boston at MIT.


And then they have a hook up with a couple of reporters who are sitting in NYC.  This is one of the  places I used to run around decades ago so I am enjoying the quantum leap forward in teaching methods available to these young people.  They even bring into the discussion a guy who is being driven around in a cab somewhere.

Also here are some interesting links for financial matters.

  • Planet Money is an excellent, excellent podcast for people who are relatively new to the world of economics and the financial crisis, and for people who commute and can listen to it in their cars. I listen to it for fun.
  • Real Time Economics (Wall Street Journal) gives you rapid coverage of economic issues as they arise.
  • Calculated Risk and naked capitalism are good sources for near-real-time news about the crisis and the economy in general. Calculated risk has a particular focus on housing and mortgages; naked capitalism has incisive commentary from one side of the political spectrum.
  • Econbrowser is more technical and data-oriented; more advanced readers will like this one.
  • Economist’s View and Marginal Revolution provide in-depth articles applying economics to broad range of phenomena.
  • And James Surowiecki has a blog!

All of this is available through The Baseline Scenario


One point they make that I have recently thought about is the fact that young people under thirty have not experienced a severe downturn in the economy.   This is new territory for them.  Hopefully it will help them remain positive and resilient.  Maybe they will even continue to spend some money and keep the economy going.

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