Suntrust Richmond Marathon 2008/ Jyocel Basweti Wins/ 22 Year Old Wins In 2:22:22

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I was downtown early this morning taking some photos of the Richmond Marathon participants.

I don’t think that I have ever seen so many skinny people in one place before.  And not just thin but also exhibiting good posture and looking very healthy.  After awhile it made me want to cry a little bit.  Because it raised my faith in humanity.   Here all these people were getting ready to submit their bodies to cruel and unusual punishment.  Perhaps a bit of torture in some cases.

And they seemed pretty cheerful about it.  In fact you could see that they had been doing this to themselves fairly regularly and it really wasn’t such a big deal.

I was very impressed.  Every once in awhile my fellow human beings cheer me up.

This morning was one of those times.   And here are some photos of some of the leaders in the race.  I called my son Zachary after a few hours to see if he was in the neighborhood and wanted to join me.  And in fact he was at a friend’s apartment nearby.  He was planning to make breakfast for a group of sorority girls but managed to fit me in for a little while.

I appreciate it big guy.  So we hung out and I took some photos.   Some of the leaders have some really amazing muscles don’t they?   Congratulations to everyone who participated.  A lot of folks ran the half marathon but they ended up crossing the finish line right next to the ones who ran the full marathon.

Wouldn’t it be cool to run through the finish line and look on the other side of the orange cone to see an  extraordinary  runner from  Kenya  finishing at the same time?   Of course he would have traveled twice as far before getting there.

But it would still be cool.   I may have to start running so I can run in the footsteps of some of the great marathoners next year.  That would be about twelve miles or so in two hours and twenty minutes.  Or about twelve 12 minute miles.


Update:  November 2011.  I ran in the half-marathon yesterday.  As the half and full marathon merged later in the race the leaders came through a stone archway just as I reached the same point.  This was such a thrilling moment! 

8 thoughts on “Suntrust Richmond Marathon 2008/ Jyocel Basweti Wins/ 22 Year Old Wins In 2:22:22

  1. Really nice photos and some amazing muscles! There was only one picture that had two runners even close to resembling the general population!

  2. This IS incredible. I so admire the stamina of people who run marathons. I’ve never had the urge to run a marathon but I do get strong urges to a long walk or trek, going for days, weeks or months. It’s a dream of mine. These are wonderful photos David. I was touched that you son joined you. And touched that you went to see this…AND that you appreciated this. It would move me to tears as well. Nicely done my friend. Hugs to you, Robin

    Robin Eastons last blog post..Please Help Me

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