Thanksgiving Will Soon Be Here/ Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

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I have found this book about ADD Attention Deficit Disorder.  And I would like to read it to discover if this may be part of my problem.

But I can’t concentrate long enough to read more than a few pages.  What do you think?  I read a few paragraphs to Beth and she says I do not have ADD.

And case closed, too, for that matter.  She doesn’t need to think about it.  She doesn’t need to read the book. She just knows.  Does your spouse do this?

We are having an interesting morning.  Zach was on his way out to school as I was returning from my morning exercises.  He is participating in a debate this morning.

I said to him that this weekend I would like to take some mood photos of him.  He doesn’t have to try to smile in other words.  Some people have problems doing that.   But Beth came downstairs at that moment and thought I said “n*de photos”  (I can’t write it out because when you run Bad Neighborhood it picks up on words that are so innocuous George Carlin would turn over in his grave if he could see it).   So she thought I wanted to take some risque photos of my son.

So we got that straightened out and then I said “Baby you are the only one I want to take “mood”  photos of and she gave me the “in your dreams” look.   And I turned around to continue my conversation with Zach in time to see the top of his head go out the door.

Apparently he didn’t want to hear about my wants.  Or needs.  Or anything else unless I could give him some good ammunition for the debate.

But it’s Friday and that’s good news.  Thank God all the election stuff has subsided.  It’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  And I did win approval for one remark I made in this regard.

We have lots of family here for Thanksgiving.  And some of them have girlfriends and boyfriends.  So seating becomes an issue.    My idea was that everyone who is over 39 years old should sit at one table.  And then the younger (and larger) group could sit together at the dining room table.  Because everybody is not going to fit together at one table (or one room for that matter).

So there are no favorites.   Unless an unexpected guest decides to show up for dinner and then we will make an exception.  Let’s say Charlize Theron who is always welcome decides to join us.

She will be offered a place next to me.  Beth will be on the other side.  The right side because that’s where the angels sit.   And I’m sure her father will want to sit on Charlize’s other side.  And who else?

Oh her mother!  She can sit across from me so that I can gaze into her lovely eyes and listen to her words of wisdom.

When I’m not being polite and listening to Charlize of course.  Or Beth.

You see!  I have it all worked out.  Does it sound like ADD to you?  Probably not.

Probably your diagnosis is further along in the old psychiatric manual.

Delusions of Grandeur


Out of Touch With Reality

Any recommendations?

Here’s one I found interesting. . .

“Just cook the turkey til he’s done so he will quit making so much noise.”

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Will Soon Be Here/ Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

  1. Yes. That was a great movie Magdiel. And I was thinking about that movie when I wrote this post. I was also thinking that my fantasy would not turn out as well if it actually came to pass.

    Which will never happen. I know.

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