Blogging Takes A Hit/ Blogger Confronts His NEMESIS

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It’s day twelve of the chest cold and the thing is still sitting there causing mayhem.  Part of the problem revolves around those little round red pills they sell at Rite Aid  for decongestion.   I was taking two of them every twelve hours for about a week until one day I read the package and realized they had cut the dosage of the most important ingredient by two thirds!

So I should have been taking six of these things each time instead of two.  No wonder they weren’t working!

And I have entered the Lord of the Rings fantasy world because day to day reality is making me crazy.  This PC world of hobbits and elves has amazing graphics.  Plus you can join a kinship and talk to other people online.  I have joined the ARCH PRESIDIUM which apparently is a bunch of older guys and girls who are way beyond my character.  They are level 50 or 60 and my character, Breezee, has made it to level 12.

It’s really nice to have one of them around when you get in a fight with an evil creature.  They can fry him in a second like a bug zapper.

It’s nice to have a big brother finally after all these years.

And the last thing that has kept me away from blogging involves my visit with the U of R people last Friday evening.   And it required a bit of introspection to figure out.  Since I started blogging over a year ago I have managed to keep “reality” and blogging separate.  And it was possible to write without many inhibitions.   Because every day life is full of those around here.

So suddenly my little protected area was full of people during and after the party.  And it’s the first time this has happened.  It’s almost as if  I’m still at the party talking to a professor or an administrator about blogging while I write and it’s very inhibiting.

I don’t want to say something foolish or appear to be an idiot.  Things that in the past have not been very important as many of you know.

So it’s the perfect storm of blog crushing elements.  Only time will tell how it turns out.

It would be nice to GET WELL SOON.   THAT would be a step in the right direction!

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