Did Aliens Land This Morning?

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There’s a very thick cloud cover out here this morning.  It’s not raining much but the unrelenting clouds are so thick there is very little daylight.  And my broadband connection is not working either (so I am on the laptop).  Seldom do we have days this dark around here.  They have an eerie quality.

A familiar environment has a different cast.  And it’s quiet too except for the sound of rain hitting the pavement and cars running through small pools of water that have converged everywhere.   There are sodden leaves on the ground.  Trees have thrown up their limbs in despair.

And when the internet stops coming to my house I start assuming it’s not working anywhere.  Throw in a couple of Tivo’d Frontline broadcasts from last evening about the sorry state of the world and I start imagining there has been a major disaster somewhere that has destroyed it.

Maybe today is the day.  Maybe the aliens have landed.

Do you ever have apocaplyptic dreams?

They have huge ships.  One will come over the horizon and be overhead while the back end is still not in sight.   In my dreams we are always running around in little rebel bands trying to shoot them.  But I suppose it’s possible they are already here.  Maybe they have integrated into the population.  Or maybe they live at the bottom of the ocean.

Maybe Santa Clause started out as an alien.  His sleigh was actually a space ship.  He and his brothers and sisters lived underneath the North Pole at the bottom of the ocean.  But he got tired of waiting for the signal to invade.  Eventually his group leader said it would be alright if he went out once a year and visited with the inhabitants of the planet.

But he would have to leave presents in order to distract the humans while he made his getaway and he would be required to wear a red suit  in honor of his ancestors.

Who were from Mars of course.

Maybe.  Who knows?   I’m just adding another layer of  weirdness to a story that is already pretty weird.     There’s  a guy up there at the North Pole who makes toys all year long with his wife and a bunch of elves.   The he loads them on a sleigh that is pulled by flying reindeer.   And he’s a fat, jolly old guy but his preferred method of entering  the home is to jump down the chimney.

It’s all pretty strange.  But then life is strange.   Hopefully the rain will turn to snow at some point and things will start looking a lot nicer outside.  Right now it looks like we are caught in a time warp on Halloween night.

And that’s not the place we want to be.

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