My Grandchildren And Santa

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Kathryn must have read my blog about Santa being an alien because she seems a little upset here. Or maybe she’s just thinking about the Dow Jones average. I don’t know. But Charlie seems to be taking it all in stride.
Sarah sent me this photo today and it is such a wonderful reminder that Christmas activities are happening. Somewhere.
I am much better today and looking forward to taking some photos of Christmas lights downtown this weekend.  The dark storms have passed and there is bright light outside again as well as lots of fluffy clouds.

What a difference a day can make.

3 thoughts on “My Grandchildren And Santa

  1. I laughed out loud over this photo. It is so priceless and sooooo human. And I love what you wrote with it. I truly believe the photo is more precious because she is crying. There are so many messages and themes BECAUSE she is crying. I just LOVE it!!! —And they look so tiny! 🙂 🙂 Hugs to you dear David.

    PS I am so sorry to hear that you have ill. I was down for the count and still feel a tad woozy. We both are still a bit sick and yet we had to get up on the roof at dawn and shovel a bunch of snow off. There is a leak that they are fixing next week, so we are trying to keep it as dry as possible. Aarrrgh! 🙂 🙂 I am clinging to upcoming days away from everything. As I told you I NEED the break. You are often in my thoughts. I have missed you and all that you have shared here. Take care of yourself and go steady. Hugs, Robin

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