December 21 In History/ How It Really Happened

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On this date in 1620 the Pilgrims left the Mayflower for the first time and stepped ashore in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

John McCain was there in a flash to greet them and ask for their support in the coming election.  They were going to have elections, right?


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney film, had its unveiling in Los Angeles on this date in 1937.   There were protests outside the theater by a group condemning the movie for  “allowing a young lady to sleep under the same roof with seven little men”.

No one was too concerned about Bashful and Sleepy.  But Dopey and Happy had clearly been up to something.  And Doc might be involved in a  cover up if  it was discovered there was more than just bread baking in the oven.


Author F.  Scott Fitzgerald and General George S. Patton both died on this day.   Fitzgerald died in 1940 and Patton waited five more years to kick off.

Both were colorful personalities.  Fitzgerald, of course, authored the fabulous novel, The Great Gatsby.   And Patton wanted to author the  autobiography,  The Great Patton, but never got around to doing it.


In 1976 a tanker broke up near Nantucket Island spilling 7 million gallons of oil into the water and prompting the locals to come up with an off color poem to commemorate their anger and frustration.


Eight years earlier Apollo 8 was launched and headed to the moon.   On board was a powerful 8 MB computer that made a buzzing noise when it was time for the astronauts to push a button to circle the moon and avoid spinning off  towards Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus.


And finally on this date in 1864 General George A. Custer  and his cavalry force were attacked in Virginia by Confederate troops.

He survived the skirmish and was heard to say that there wasn’t a general  anywhere who could outmaneuver him when he was on a horse.


Actor Samuel L. Jackson is 60 today.  Ray Romano is 51.  Boy you guys are getting old.  Just remember that you can’t take it with you but you can store up some heavenly rewards by giving it away.

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