Some We Knew Who Flew/ Famous People Who Died In 2008

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We are here for a little while and then we go!  Where do we go?  Everyone has their own ideas about the answer to this question.  But there seems to be a general consensus that it is a “far, far better place”.   And it’s really not too difficult to imagine that this is true after watching  the “news” for a few days.

It seems to me that the way we think about this  has a profound bearing on the way we live our lives.  So it makes sense to really take some time and come up with the best answer we can find.

Here are some people  you may have known who passed away in 2008.  Perhaps a few of them  impacted your life in some way.   Some of them made impressions on the lives of millions of people.  That’s a pretty amazing thing, isn’t it?

They will not be soon forgotten.

Thanks to David at David’s Musings for giving me the idea for this post.

One thought on “Some We Knew Who Flew/ Famous People Who Died In 2008

  1. A lot of great people there, no doubt. But I think that people who touch just a few lives can be as important as those who touch millions. It would be nice if the news paid tribute to a few good people who lead less spectacular lives but who made the world a better place all the same.

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