There Is Always A New Tomorrow

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A couple of times in the past month I thought that maybe my blogging days were over.   I was sick and not taking photos.  But that wasn’t the big problem.

The BIG problem was all the hours I was spending in Middle Earth with Frodo and the gang.  Lord of the Rings Online is an amazing game.  It’s a hobby for a lot of people.  It just keeps going on and on and on.

My character, Breezee, is now at Level 31 and he can really light up some of the evil characters he encounters.  He has arrows that shoot fire.  And he can shoot about ten arrows at a time straight up in the air.

Most of them will come down right on an orc’s head if he’s being disagreeable.

Looking back however I think the worst is past and blogging is still my main hobby.  Playing Lord of the Rings will just be a nice diversion.  And all the great folks in my kinship, Arch Presidium, will be appreciated just as much as my blogging buddies and commentors.

It is possible for an introverted old geezer to have a social network.   And just in case all of this notoriety starts going to my head there are critics out there to help me calm down.  I really enjoyed this particular evaluation and want to share it with you.

“Nice website, properly laid out with ample use of whitespace to make for a pleasing and unforbidding look. However, I feel that each article style must be consistent, eg. a photo followed by a short description of say, 100-150 words. As it is, the fourth and fifth article does not seem to have much description. Other than that, a very nice website with a very specific and focused objective in Virginia!.”

I will try to do better.  Promise.

Nearly ten years ago I thought the world was going to bury me and forget to mark the grave. Then one day I met Beth and she took me here.

And nothing has been the same ever since.

Today all the rain moved out and a HIGH moved in bringing with it beautiful clouds and cool, dry air. Coincidentally my lungs felt strong and full of nothing except all of that cool, dry air. It’s amazing how much you appreciate something like that when you haven’t had it for awhile.

This weekend we will see what we can find to capture with a camera.

Hopefully something good.

5 thoughts on “There Is Always A New Tomorrow

  1. Happy New Year David!

    This is so beautiful and moving. There is something so touching about another when they share their thoughts, and bear their soul so bravely and openly and freely. It takes courage.

    What a wonderful thing!

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