Let The Children Play/ Do The Best You Can

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It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining outside.

But it’s still cold out there.   Maybe somewhere the kids have been getting on their  parent’s nerves as the winter  progresses.  They need to be outside playing with their friends and running off that energy.  Perhaps they don’t understand the economic situation and the struggles of those around them.

The credit card bills from Christmas are arriving.

The boss has to make some hard decisions.

The news flashes stories of people being laid off by the millions.

Somewhere a father takes the lives of his family after losing his job.

Say a prayer for the children.  Love them when nothing is going right.  Give them a hug.

Everything that is good in life comes from God.  It’s time to pay Him a visit and stay awhile.  It’s easy to think that because you can’t see the answer to a difficult problem it’s not there.

It’s there.

3 thoughts on “Let The Children Play/ Do The Best You Can

  1. I love that song. It always makes me cry. Billy had the sweetest voice. I wonder what has happened to him since his voice must have changed. Nice post. Not enough love going around, so let’s show some to others.

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