Andrea Bocelli/ September Morn/ Can't Help Falling In Love/ Music Of The Night

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Here are Andrea Bocelli and David Foster messing around a little bit on stage.   Andrea does a couple of popular songs in English and jokes around.  It’s a different perspective on this amazing artist and wonderful person.

He’s one of my heroes.  No doubt or surprise  there.

I thought some of you who have not seen and heard it would enjoy spending a few moments with this video.

And here is a video of Andrea singing Music of the Night.   I have been looking for a good copy of him singing this for a long time.   Thanks to whoever arranged for it to finally appear on YouTube.     If  it only works in a disjointed way  I suggest clicking on it and going to the YouTube site.  It seems to work there much better.

These things often go away on YouTube so I would be grateful if you let me know if this one (or any video) no longer performs so I can remedy the situation.

Update:   It’s such a shame but someone does want to fight over Andrea’s music and this video is now no longer available.  However I did find another copy of it.   This one includes several of the songs he has done in English including the one previously seen in this post.

In my mind it is worth listening to them again and adding to the experience with several others including Music of the Night.  Hopefully a recording of the entire song will become available in the future.

3 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli/ September Morn/ Can't Help Falling In Love/ Music Of The Night

  1. Oh dear David, we so love this guy don’t we?!! I could listen to him sing all day. I am as always moved to tears and joy and so many emotions at once that they collide in a great rawness of Life inside me. I am happy that you like this music. It’s so amazing how truly great music can get inside us and connect people and make them feel things in ways that words just don’t reach. I didn’t express that very well but I hope you understand what I’m trying to express her. I just think that beautiful soul-filled music affects us in ways that words never can. I have so enjoyed it every time you have shared one of his videos.

    I loved you SPRING shot of the fence and flowering tree. So beautiful. I hope we too are moving into spring. There are Robins and bluebirds back but we are a lot higher here 7000′ so although sunny it’s still cold here. I’ve had very little time for blogging due to work right now. I’ve also missed hiking and hope to get back into it much more as it warms up.

    Know that you are thought of and I’m sending hugs your way,

    Robin Eastons last blog post..What is Intimacy?

  2. Hi David!

    Yeah Andrea’s music is outstanding. Sometimes I miss it a lot. My parents were huge fans and so I would listen to it a lot when I still lived with them. He just makes your heart rattle with his music!!!! So beautiful.

    I am not a big enough fan to go out and buy my own CD’s today, so I can use YouTube or better yet come here and listen to your attachments 🙂

    P.S. I replied about the smoothies (I assume you got it 😉

    Evitas last blog post..Review: LaraBar Jocalat Organic Cocoa Bars

  3. when an old college buddy sent this…and I listened…and it was like the years fell away

    I had forgotten… Forgotten what it felt like to be in love…

    I’m grateful you sent this out…

    Kate, 74

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