Movies I Wish Not To See Again/ Blogging Vacation/ Dr. Ayers Speaks/ Bargains In Higher Education

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It’s Sunday evening and not much is happening.  The Academy Awards are tonight.  Beth is watching them and I will probably watch them awhile just so I sit next to her and wonder how it happened that I get to do this anytime I want to do it.

The movies actually where a disappointment this year.  Benjamin Button was alright but it went downhill swiftly after he became a baby and then died.  We watched the batman movie on cable which was fortunate because I didn’t have to stay until the end.   So many speeches by the Joker!  And he wasn’t fooling around!  He just wanted everybody in Gotham City to live by his rules!  But he didn’t have any rules.   So what rules were they supposed to live by?  None!  Because they were all supposed to die.   He  loved to blow things up!

Just another painful movie about not much of anything!  Where is Jerry Seinfeld when you need him?  He should have made a movie with his gang back in the nineties.   It would have been better than this one.

For the most part I am on a blogging vacation right now.  It’s very cold outside and I’m pretty busy as well.  So (I figure) after more than eighteen months of blogging everyday maybe a break is not such a bad idea.   There are 1295 posts here and if you divide that by eighteen months it comes out to about 2.2 posts per day.

In a few weeks when the warm air starts to swirl around no doubt things will change.  And we have an invite to the beautiful Kate’s first birthday up in Lynchburg in two weeks.

Last week we did get to hear Dr Ayers speak at the Westwood Club about the Civil War.  Dr Ayers is the President of the University of Richmond and we met him last December at a party.


So it was nice to see him again and he even asked someone to ask us to sit at his table!  Imagine that!   Just yours truly the absentminded blogger plus the beautiful Beth and some very intelligent and personable guys and girls from U of R.   I managed to stir up some conversation when I stated that my son Zach would graduate from VCU debt free!   Dr Ayers responded that it was actually less costly to go to the University of Richmond than VCU.

Which was news to me!  I didn’t follow his reasoning but I’m sure he knows a great deal about it.  And he did say that  U of R needs to do a better job of getting this information out to everybody!

So I thought I would make a start in that direction and share his statement with you.   Wake up Virginia!   There’s bargains in them there hills of Richmond!

We can all use more bargains these days.  There was a news report about cars basking in the sun at your local car dealership while the dealers  contemplate “giving them away”  so that they can  accept the new ones that are sitting in the factory and at rail stations across the nation.

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to just let the government buy them all with some of the money it is giving away to the banks.  Perhaps that would get things moving again and teach certain bank president types a few lessons.

So now I must go out again.   Where’s the scarf?  Where are the lined jeans?  And where is Spring?  I hear the birds at dawn and that is a good sign.  Winter cannot be with us much longer.  We will have to write a letter to someone if it insists on staying.

3 thoughts on “Movies I Wish Not To See Again/ Blogging Vacation/ Dr. Ayers Speaks/ Bargains In Higher Education

  1. Just saw Benjamin Button… and yep, the ending with hospital preparing for an evacuation did diminish the dramatic effect of benjamin dying… i was thinking that after daisy’s narration, they noticed the hummingbird on the window… then the camera focuses on caroline looking at the bird then she turned to her mother and see her eyes closed with a smile on her face…and the end… but anyway, all in all, i like it…

    as for The Dark Night, the truth is i was more focused on the characters of aaron eckhart and christian bale (which i find more “humane” — struggling with what is really “good” or “bad”) than Joker’s character…

    well, that’s great news about your son, Zach… and yes, i believe you deserve a break from the blogworld… and i’m really looking forward to spring… enjoy your holidays!

    Lareines last blog post..Wishful Thinking

    1. Thanks Lareine for your comments. I see what you mean. But I find the idea that these other two characters somehow need to worry about being at the Joker’s level crazy.

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